Choose the Right Domain Name


Choosing a Right Domain name for your website, is like having a perfect address for your business in the world of Internet. There are a few points to keep in mind when trying to get perfect name for your domain.


Unique & Relevant

Being as unique as possible will help you build your website’s brand higher. While unique is good, relevance┬áto the services or business that you are dealing is equally important. If you can choose a website name that is Unique & Relevant, majority of your work is done.

If you ever heard that, mimicing a popular website’s name will help you get some search engine traffic, please ignore such information. This could potentially cause a huge lose of your customer base to the other website.


Short & Easy To Type

While trying to generate a Unique & Relevant name, don’t try to make it complex and hard to type. This might be sounding silly, but usability is a key factor for any kind of business. Easy To Type will also helps any one to remember your site address easily.


Effective Usage of Keywords

Unless you decide to choose a specific method to drive visitors to your website, Search Engines are your Best Sources. Using a primary keyword related to your business will help search engines to analyze your website in the right way. Majority of the visitors keep searching with keywords, so effective utilization is one other key driver for your visibility. You can try making combinations of 2 or more words to get a better name.

Tools like Long Tail Pro , Google Keyword Planner provides you very good information of what volume of searches are being performed around a particular keyword. Utilize them for best results.


Rely on TLD (Top Level Domain)

Rely on Top Level Domains like ‘.com’, ‘.net’, ‘.org’ are the best when it comes to choosing a TLD. Try to search for any thing right now on google, it is almost not possible to see the first page with other than ‘.com’ domain names. Again, if you are relying on Search Engine traffic, stick to ‘.com’ or ‘.net’ or ‘.org’ as your first choices.


Geo Targeting/Localisation

Search Engines are getting smarter day by day. If your services/business are specific and more relevant to a particular location, they are ready to prioritize your website over a generic website that has a ‘.com’ or ‘.net’, etc., which means increased traffic. It would be a good idea to consider country specific Domains like ‘.us’, ‘.ca’, ‘.au’, ‘.in’, etc., in such cases over TLDs, as part of your website name.

Ideal suggestion would be pick a ‘.com’ along with secondary domain relevant to your country of operation.


Avoid these

Along with the above points, there are certain aspects that needs to be avoided.


  • Try not use any special symbols, characters as much as possible.
  • Beware of the copyright issues. Don’t try to re-brand or copy an existing brand name. This can cause only more issues if not benefits.
  • Try the trend setters like ‘’, ‘TopAAAforYYYY’, etc.,


Appropriate Extensions/Domains

While picking up a ‘.com’ is best, choosing a relevant domain is also important. For eg., if you are dealing with a videos based website, choosing a ‘.tv’ would be more appropriate over a ‘.com’. This can help the ever growing Search engines to get the right feel of your website. Again, the ideal approach would be get a ‘.com’ & a ‘.tv’ domain.


Check age if applicable

Be sure to do a quick search and check google with the name you finalized. If you found that this website was once owned by someone. Try avoiding that domain unless you are able to do some more research and understand how this website was working in the past. It would be hard to know how this site was ranked, if google has penalized for any wrong content, etc.,. Choosing such domains could impact your website very badly.

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