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There is no need to spend too much money to create videos, especially if you are running short of money. We can create videos using Microsoft PowerPoint software in combination with any Screen Capturing tool, Windows Movie Maker or Even Youtube by itself. Make sure you go through complete video to understand how to use these 3 different options to create Videos for your Affiliate Marketing campaigns or assets.

If you are using Powerpoint software, you can create a presentation and just record your screen and audio as you are presenting your ppt slides and use the same to upload in to Youtube. Programs like Camtasia are available for a free download, but does have limitations to create only 10 min length video. But those are sufficient to get started.

If you are using Windows Movie Maker, you can just create slides using a tool like or and use the same to create videos using Windows Movie Maker software. Most of the windows machines have this software already available, so no need to purchase anything to use this.

If you choose to use and rely only on Youtube, you can do that as well. You provides 2 ways to create these videos.

Youtube – Photo Editor : You can create videos in slideshow style by just uploading photos/images, in our case Slides. You can edit the transitions, timings, etc., You can also add Audio, by either uploading a Royalty Free Audio or choose from the Youtube Library

Youtube + Video Editor : You can make use of videos that are already available in Youtube library and create your own videos. By using the ‘Creative Commons’ video, you are following Youtube’s guidelines to prepare your own videos. You can basically search of these videos from this interface and use them as part of your videos or re-purpose for your self. Best example, is if you found various features explained in detailed by various people, you can pull all of those into a Single video to help your visitors.

Note: Make sure that you check out Youtube’s Copyright policy on this. Youtube is very strict on this and could even get your account banned if you are not abiding to their policies. So, DON’T copy or download other’s videos, instead use this feature and avoid getting Content Strikes. If you receive 3 Content Strikes, your account would be banned immediately. But you can appeal the strike if you are sure that you are using the videos using the cc section of Youtube Editor.

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