How to Create Free Landing Squeeze Page

Spending money on everything might not be possible or feasible in the initial days of making money online. Especially if you are on a tight budget and trying to cut down as much as possible. And of course who don’t want to cut down the cost when possible, it is better to look out for FREE alternatives. Though these options may not be enticing and need some extra effort, they are still worth of a Time Investment. While there are many options available, the method explained below is simple and relatively better. If you want to scale up and need more options, you can get premium package once you get started with earning.


What you need?

  1. WordPress Website (Check out how to setup a Free WordPress Website)
  2. Listwire Account – Signup here. (Learn how to get started with Listwire)
  3. WP Lead Plus Responsive – Free WordPress plugin.


Once your wordpress website is completely setup & a Listwire subscription form is created, install the wordpress plugin ‘WP Lead Plus Free Squeeze Page Generator’ to your website and follow these simple steps after activating the plugin.


Step 1: Click on ‘WP Lead Plus Responsive’ link from the left side bar & click on ‘Create Squeeze Page’



Step 2: You will be taken to the ‘Squeeze Page Creator’ wizard. Click on ‘Select’ in this wizard.



Step 3: Click on ‘With Opt-in’ button to use the templates with Opt In form integration. If you choose to have a squeeze page with a Free Downloadable Give Away, you can choose ‘No Opt-in’



Step 4: Choose from the available templates. For the purpose of this demo, lets choose the one with a ‘Primary Head Line’ and ‘Secondary Head Line’ along with ‘Email’ box. Choose the radio button and click on ‘Edit This’ button below (this appears only after you choose a template)



Step 5: This is how the page now looks like. We can start customizing further from here. Click on ‘Edit’ to have the customizing options available.



Step 6: Lets try to add a background for this page. I use ‘pixabay’ to get Royalty Free image for all my websites. They are free to use. Click on ‘Outer BG’



Step 7: We can either choose a color or an image for the background. Choose image and key in the URL of the image. You can get this url by clicking by visiting the Media properties of your image.



Step 8: Click on Save after updating the url information.



Step 11: This is how your draft version of your squeeze page looks.



Step 12: Click on the section where you want to edit and update the page with meaningful information, that can help your visitor understand and get them signed up. Click on Save once done with your updates.



Step 13: Name the page as per your wish. If you need to, you can click on ‘Start Drag’ to move the optin form to the desired location.



Step 14: Get the Squeeze Form HTML from Listwire account. Click on ‘Code’ -> ‘Email’. Place the code and click on ‘Save’



Step 15: Click on ‘Publish’ once everything is complete. Your page is now ready for your visitors.



Step 16: Your page is now saved under pages. Get to Pages -> Your page and click on ‘View’ to view your page.



Congratulations !!! Your Squeeze Page or Landing Page is now ready to collect the leads.


Best part in this method is, it allows you to create unlimited number of squeeze pages. However, the things that concerned me most are, the options might get complicated until you get used to use the interface, You have very limited space to add content and are not free to customize with the Free Version. But hey, if you are looking to save some money, this is the best option available around. Be sure to read our article on how to setup a Free Website, to get you started with your journey to make money online for Free.


Lastly, once you start getting some leads or sales you may upgrade to Full Version of this plugin at the Best Price. You may ask, if this is Free method is working well, why should you pay for Full version …? Your question is genuine and keep reading for the answer.


With ever growing demand & usage of Smart Phones & gadgets, its been kind of a need for every website to be responsive. Usage of these plugins restrict this particular feature (At least in its Free version). Your customizable options are very limited with Free version.  This could impact your campaigns and potentially end up loosing your leads. So, once you start generating income, it is most advisable to Buy a Landing Page solution that is responsive if not this.


Think about the time you need to spend on free tools and the availability of customizations. With free version, you can basically get something out there instead of complaining about not being able to get started just because you need to spend. But as you keep growing, your time will keep equalling your money. So, you need a faster solution and purchasing a premium plugin or finding a different solution can be best.


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