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!!! Get Free Traffic To Website from Social Networks !!!

Yes, you heard it right. It is now possible to get FREE Unlimited Traffic to your website from Social Media Networks. Social Networking is now becoming a Traffic Mine, if used perfectly. InstaViral unleashes this and provides you an ability to drive traffic to your website on complete Auto Pilot process. Are you one running a Niche Website, TeeSpring campaings, etc., and looking for a way to get more visitors to your website? See What InstaViral can do and help you get FREE Traffic on complete AUTOPILOT.

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What is InstaViral All About?

InstaViral is a web based SAAS application that can work totally online (no need to download any software). If you are running a website and struggling to get Traffic through Social Media Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc.,. This is your Go-To solution. In order to get Free Traffic (applicable for Paid Traffic as well), you may get easily tired creating posts, get fancy images, do all the edits that you could to make image look fancy and share the same on your pages, groups in Facebook or Twitter or any other Social Media network. This all takes decent enough time and eats up your time.

InstaViral lets you easily create Viral Images and syndicate them to your Social Networking Accounts. You can create one or more Viral Images and publish them live or Schedule them for a later date. Once these images are published on to your Social accounts, who ever clicks on them, they can get routed to any page you wanted. You can create many Images at once and schedule them for later time. See below on how Easy to Use the system.

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How does InstaViral work?

InstaViral is very simple to use and grab FREE Traffic. InstaViral lets you create Viral Images and share them easily and from a One Place to all Social Networks in simple steps.





All you need to do is, first ‘Get Access‘ and then,

  1. Log into your Members Area.
  2. Start off by clicking on ‘My Networks’
  3. Setup all your Social Networks
  4. Once done, head on to ‘Image Editor’ by clicking on the ‘Create Image’ from the Menu.
  5. You can now upload any Image you wish to choose or can use any of the Preset Images.
  6. Add Text and Customize the image with any Squeezy content.
  7. Once done, Save and Syndicate.
  8. When clicked on Save & Syndicate, you would be prompted for certain details to fill to start Sharing this image on  your Social Network.
  9. Be Sure to Choose the URL to which the user needs to be routed to … 🙂

Its that Easy. Now your image is now available on all of your Social Network Accounts. When they like and click on the url, they are now on your website.

Another best part of Instaviral is, being Autopilot. You can work on all of your images at once and can schedule them for later time. This helps you use your efforts wisely and keep your audience engaged periodically.

Eg: If you are running a Health related Niche, how awesome would it be post a Health Tip on a regular intervals to your social accounts to keep your audience engaged and get a Ton of Free Traffic back to your website. And all this is done just once and can work for days to come.

Quick Demo

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What’s Good in InstaViral?

What’s not good in InstaViral? Everything i need to do the Social Network Marketing for my website is available on InstaViral.

  • It’s a Fully Cloud based software.
  • No Installation or setup needed.
  • Free Traffic from 12 Social Networks with just 1-Click
  • 1000s of PR backlinks completely organic.

Within the application you can,

  • Create Unlimited Viral Images using Image Editor.
  • Can Share to all 12 Social Networks with just a single click.
  • Use 100s of Viral Image Templates
  • Make Images look different by using 10+ Image Filters
  • Set all your posts on AUTOPILOT
  • Can optimize SEO for every Image.
  • Create 1000s of Images at once using a Bulk Image creator.
  • Set & Forget – You can schedule your shares for future.

Supported Networks,


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Final Verdict & Why ?

Internet Marketing would work well when things are done right. With the boom and Impact that Social Networking sites has on the current Internet Marketing, it is key for any Internet Marketer to rely on using these to the fullest possible level. And Image Sharing has been one of the primary way to grab immediate attention of your visitors. When there is a possibility of utilizing these both of together in the best possible way. You would rake your rankings and sales. Considering the fact that, these things can be done in One place and completely on AUTOPILOT, i would STRONGLY RECOMMEND this tool. You would definitely see a potential reduction in the time to invest on getting Traffic and in-turn your efforts (when done in right way) can get your FREE Traffic.


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