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Making Money with websites involves creation and maintenance of a good and quality content. No doubt that content is the key driver for any website to gain its momentum in the Online business world. One of the most struggling factor for every marketer is to get Organic Content and establish organic Marketing strategies to get their website visible. Where would you get all these, run around SearchEngines, Empty your wallet towards Paid Advertising services? No more hassles & running, “TrafikWidget” is the ultimate solution to your problems. It solves the both issues in one shot, by letting you share your content to others which enhances Marketing of your website and share their content on your website, avoiding the need to run for Content Creation.


What is TrafikWidget All About?

To put it in simple words, ‘TrafikWidget‘ is a Platform that lets you share your website content with others and vice-versa. Once you setup your content campaign or find a campaign relevant to your website, you will be able to promote that content on your website in the form a Widget that appears either on Top, Bottom, Right or Left of your webpage. If you wish your content to be shareable, you can let it be available for others to pick up and they do the same. This would allow an organic sharing of content between multiple websites and can help you grow the visibility and reach of your website.


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You probably may be trying to promote your website by writing guest posts, articles or any other mode. But when it comes to ‘Content Marketing’, the approach taken by ‘TrafikWidget’ is an awesome mode of promotion, in my opinion. With a single line of code to handle, the amount of engagement that you could get from your visitors is excellent.

TrafikWidget is available and works for any Blog, Facebook Page, or Website & encourages Co-Marketing to get a potential organic traffic which can help both the parties to be successful in their business.

How to use TrafikWidget?

Content sharing can never be this easy IMO. Thanks to TrafikWidget, as the name specifies, it is as easy as creating a Widget in your website. But before you create the widget, there is a little stuff to customize what you wish to share(or promote). Let’s see how easy it is to create and setup a TrafikWidget Campaign.

As discussed earlier, you can do 2 major things once you Signup at TrafikWidget,

Share your content with others

  1. Go to the Dashboard
  2. Click on the ‘Content Builder’ wizard
  3. Select a category that best suites your content
  4. Choose from the available templates that are already available
  5. Customize the template with your own content. You will be able to choose the background, Call to Action, Strong Tag Line about what you are sharing, Social buttons, Youtube video link, Redirect URL, etc., (See below to know the inbuilt features that TrafikWidget provides)
  6. Name your campaign & provide Description so that other users can know about your campaign.
  7. Set your Credits, Schedule and then Save your campaign.
  8. Choose the visibility of your Campaign, configure as either Public or based on certain criteria like, City, Regional, Location, etc.,

Once done with your above steps, (if you choose to have your content as Public) your content campaign is now available in the Content Marketplace viewable and accessible by others. They are now ready to pick your content and share it across on their websites, blogs, facebook, etc.,

TrafikWidget makes the process much simpler with their inbuilt features, which help you,

  • Generate compelling Taglines, based on your keyword. They can be used for your Title Lines.
  • Choose Best Background, based on your keyword from a an extensive library of images to choose from.
  • Search for the best videos on Youtube, based on your keyword.


Share other’s content on your website

Once you signup to any of the offers (see below for offers),

  1. Go to ‘Content Hub’ to get to Content Marketplace.
  2. Click on ‘Exchange My Campaign’
  3. Click on the ‘Share’ button against the campaign that you are interested in from the table.
  4. Click on the ‘Find Content To Share’
  5. Choose the best among available contents and click on ‘Assign To Widget’ button.
  6. Confirm the assignment to the widget

That’s it, your widget is now ready with latest content on your website.

>>> See it in Action <<<

What Features do you get with TrafikWidget ??

Depending on the package that you opt, you will be able to access many of the features that TrafikWidget provides. Below are some of the features that you would be able to enjoy with TrafikWidget.

  1. Traffic Credits Included
  2. Universal EasyTraffic Widget site/blog/post integration. One line of code-set it and forget it.
  3. Personalized Widget Tab CTA
  4. Professional Responsive Templates
  5. Content Campaign Builder Wizard
  6. Multi-content rotation
  7. Access to the content market place
  8. Analytics Report and Campaign Tracking Results
  9. 24/7 Support: Video Tutorials, Support Ticket, Email
  10. Bonus Credits Reward
  11. Unlimited Content Marketing Campaigns
  12. Built in Photo Library
  13. YouTube Video Marketing Integration.
  14. Social Share Integration
  15. Live Chat service support
  16. 1 year no-cost updates on all coming features.
  17. Retargeting pixel ready.
  18. Finally content worth sharing above the fold… Scroll free
  19. Campaign Embed Code Feature
  20. Private Facebook group with ongoing expert and peer tips, hints and training.
  21. Expert content contributor team create your first content campaign for you.
  22. Curate video content from youtube to include.
  23. Easy Installation plugin on WordPress platforms.


What are the plans and how much does it cost?

  1. Monthly Standard Account Plan – $19/Month
  2. Yearly Standard Account Plan – $97/Year
  3. Lifetime Plan – $197/Lifetime
  4. White Glove Services – $97/Year

With ‘White Glove Service‘ you can hire a team of ‘Content Creation Experts’ who can keep your site updated regularly with valuable content.


See if you still quality for Special discount & get started for $47.


When you get any of the above packages, you will also get,

Training Modules – Always be up to date with the latest content marketing training on the platform

Video Engagement – Display video and multimedia clips within the content of your hub

Personalize – Change text, colors  and backgrounds. Completely customize your hub

Support Forum – If you do get stuck.



Final Verdict

There is no doubt that this is a great way to do and get Organic Content Sharing along with decent Traffic. However, there seems to be few aspects that need attention before investing. 1) Need to wait for some one to pick your content, else your campaign would not reach enough audience. Sharing this in the Traffic Widget doesn’t guarantee you getting traffic back. Your content still should be valid and appeal to others, to be able to get shared. 2) With Standard account, you have limited exchange permissions with in the network. You get chance only to share your content over Social Networking sites, but not offer a direct request to another TrafikWidget Hub. and cannot exchange your content over other content available in the Marketplace. Which means you have a mandatory need to get premium package if you need to use on your website.

However, it is still a WORTH investment to start off and get a feel of what TrafikWidget has to offer. You have multiple options to choose from when it comes to test this for your self. Get ‘FREE DEMO‘ on your website Or take a SPECIAL DISCOUNT to start off by choosing monthly plan.



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