Amplifire Review – Increase Engagement & Conversion


Wishloop’s Amplifire is a new and ground breaking ‘Pattern Interrupt’ technology that can boost up conversions on any website. Not matter if you are into a Digital Product marketing or running an EStore, Amplifire will help you to Turn your visitors into Customers.

Let’s get into details of what exactly Amplifire is and how it can do the magic to get more leads.


Amplifire is actually a tool/app that can Welcome your site visitors and engage them with the main message of  your website. With an excellent & quick process, even a No Brainer can actually configure an Amplifire to one’s website. When you are able to amplify your message to the visitor, it is easy to grab their attention and make them more engaged.


>>> See Amplifire in Action <<<


While Welcoming is a way to make your visitors more engaged, you can also configure the Amplifire to announce limited Special Offers, Run Contests, Encourage them to join your newsletter or Email list inturn enhance your optin rate, etc.,



One really cool feature that i liked much is ‘Remote Commander Campaigns’. If you deal with Facebook Pages/Groups or a blogger who allows or shares other websites posts, you can use ‘Remote Commander Campaings’ to have double benefit. You will be able to share the post and also be able to engage the visitor in your way either by giving a Free Giveaway or collecting the Emails or promoting your blog, etc.,

What can Amplifire do?

When it comes to engaging your visitors, there is a lot that you can do to grab their attention. You may wanna,

  1. Announce Special Offers
  2. Deliver Discount coupons
  3. Run Contests & Sweepstakes
  4. Introduce new products or popular posts
  5. Configure Auto Responder & Social Media Integration
  6. Add Videos, Audio, Countdown timers & more
  7. Amplifire provides ‘Intuitive Drag & Drop design controls which can enable you to create ‘Create Unlimited Conversion Mats’ to perform all the above (but not limited to) activities.


>>> See Amplifire in Action <<<


With the Pro Version you can,

  1. Set up Advanced Targeting Options
  2. Set up Geolocation Campaigns
  3. Use Powerful Pro Design Tools
  4. Create Poll/Traffic Segmentation campaigns
  5. Integrate Paypal, Amazon, TeeSpring, Shopify, JVZoo
  6. Use Premium Templates
  7. Perform 1-Click Split Testing
  8. Configure Smart Targeting – Ability to configure campaigns based on the visitors, if they are new, you can show them a Welcome Message & for a Returning visitor, you can show limited time deals or share coupons etc.,
  9. Use Powerful Design Tools – 3D Ebook Designer – To help you convert any book image into a cool and excellent 3D design. 3D Imac Render – Convert any Screenshot into awesome 3d Images to use in the campaigns.

How to use Amplifire & How Easy it is ?

Amplifire campaigns can be run on your website on a specific page, or run on your home page either the moment visitor visits your website or after spending some time. Everything can be configured and executed with just 3 steps. Once you decide the location where you want to grab your visitor’s attention, just head to Amplifire,

  • Choose a Template.
  • Customize a Design – From over 30 drag & drop components
  • Publish your campaign – In just couple of seconds

Final Verdict & Why ?

Considering some key aspects that an Internet Marketer would look for & the amount of features that are available and provided, i could tend to RECOMMEND this strongly.




Thanks for reading through this review of Amplifire Software by Wishloop. But make sure to be fast and get this copy to avail your BONUSES before they are out.

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