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In this review, we are going to see a detailed information of the new product called Chromicode. You can find almost all the information that you need to make a decision about getting this tool. This chromicode review is categorized in to multiple sections stated as below. If you would like jumping to a specific section, just click on the respective links below and you will be able to know the detailed info there.

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What Is ChromiCode ??

ChromiCode is an Extension/Platform which can help you create Unlimited Chrome Extensions with just simple Clicks. Without any coding knowledge, one can create an Extension and open up another brand channel to Engage their followers/subs/customers, etc.,

All You Need to Do Is …

Create the extension of your choice
Upload it to Chrome Web Store
Promote your content
Engage with Your Subs/Followers


What Can You Do With This ??

  • Create extension that gives your blog readers/followers instant updates whenever you make a new post.
  • Deliver “Special Offers” extension for your niche.
  • Create ordering or customer service extensions by embedding chatbots
  • Message instantly to yours subs when a new video from your channel
  • Build Skype Groups
  • Create Unofficial Extension of any product or service. [Make sure you abide to their rules  ]
  • Create an Extension to your Facebook FanPage or Group
  • Extensions to Send Daily/periodic information to your subs/customers
  • Effective Launch Jacking
  • Sell to Local Businesses


Get Chromicode Now – Click Here


What are the Benefits ??

  • You can get Ton of Leads from an Untapped Source – Chrome Extension Directory
  • Deliver Unlimited Persistent Push Notifications
  • Drive Targeted Free Traffic
  • Establish a better Engagement with your subs
  • Promote Last Minute or Flash deals with a Single click
  • No Need to worry about Spam/Junk/Promotion/Social Folders part of Email Marketing.
  • Create Unlimited Extensions


Who Needs This ??

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • CPA Marketers
  • Local Brick & Mortar stores
  • Offline Clients
  • Website Owners
  • Membership Sites
  • Youtube Creators
  • Shopify Stores

Any other marketer who needs to promote/engage their content/subs …



  • Doesn’t really solve the problem of new traffic/leads (Since Chrome Extension Store is still relatively new or not intended for normal search traffic)
  • Restricted to Only Chrome Users



  • Super Easy to create the Extension ( Just Push of a few buttons )
  • Ability to rank in Google when done in right way increases chances for more traffic
  • Direct interaction helps to be able reach your subs even in the last minute
  • Unlimited Extensions (during launch period)
  • Unlimited Messages
  • Untapped Market makes it easy and open up more chances
  • Control over your assets is still the same. This is adding another channel to your arsnel
  • Integrate Chatbots, Zapier & Many Others


CheckOut More Information


Pricing Details

  • ChromiCode Unlimited Personal Use $27 – $37 (Dime Sale)
  • ChromiCode Unlimited Developers License $47 – $67 (Dime Sale)
  • ChromiCode Agency Reseller $197 / Year
  • ChromiCode Whitelabel Agency Reseller $297 / Year
  • ChromiCode WP Unlimited Personal Use $27 – $37 (Dime Sale)
  • ChromiCode WP Unlimited Developer License $47 – $67 (Dime Sale)
  • ChromiCode WP Agency Reseller $197 / Year
  • ChromiCode WP Whitelabel Agency Reseller $297 / Year

Get Chromicode Here

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