Covert Commissions Review, Members Area Demo

Covert Commissions Review, Members Area Demo



In this article, we will go ahead and take a Quick look & Detailed Review of Covert Commissions new version. You will get to see the detailed process on What you Get when you purchase Cover Commissions, what are the benefits of this tool, Why you need Covert commissions, How needs this, etc.,

If you guys are into Internet Marketing for a long time you might have known that the First Version was initially launched in year 2015. Now, there is some change with respect to the ownership and they also added some more features within the platform.

They are actually going to close covert Commission’s pretty soon for the general public so in case if you are interested, stick on with me & we’ll show you all the information related to this launch and how long is this product gonna be available.

We’ll go over the members area and also go over what is changing between 2015 to 2018 and why is it, why does it matter for you…. okay stick on with me just for a few seconds.




How it Works ?

The moment you make the purchase you will be receiving an email along with the instructions on how to activate your version of the Covert Commissions (CC).

Once you Activate the membership, you will be able to see all the offers/missions that are available for you and you will be able to start promoting those offers right from the same console itself.

All you need to do is, drive traffic to these missions. Each mission is actually provided with a High Converting Landing Page with appropriate Lead Magnet.

The Lead  Magnet is not something that you need to create or worry about. The CC team will be putting up this on your behalf and is going to be very relevant to your offer.

Each of the mission is provided with a dedicated landing page + lead magnet.


Why Do You Need Covert Commissions?

If you are into Affiliate Marketing and using Email Marketing, you already know how important it is to get the Correct Landing Page, Good Email Follow up Sequence, etc., Majority of the time an affiliate marketer would spend goes into this.

The key challenge with the regular format of affiliate marketing is all the stuff you need to do even before you drive the traffic.

With cc, you can pretty much concentrate only on traffic part without any need for your own website or landing page softwares. Because, you already got the landing page & lead magnet.

CC team is actually going to send all the follow-up emails once the subscriber downloads the lead magnet. Pretty much like doing Affiliate Marketing without a Website.


Since they do majority of the thing for us, this product is typically available only during certain times. If you are planning to get this, try to get on it as soon as you can.


Check if this is currently available or not by clicking the link below. If you do not see the Purchase option,  it just means they are not accepting any new members yet into the platform. So, go ahead and check if you can or not …



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