How To Choose A Profitable Clickbank Offer for Bing


In this video, i am going to show the process to Find Profitable Offers to promote on Bing Ads campaigns. I am taking Clickbank as an example, but the process is pretty much applicable to any or many networks.

You will see how to analyze an offer and check if it is going to be profitable or not. By doing this analysis upfront, you will be able to understand how much you need to spend, how much you are going to gain, what is your break even, when do you need to stop spending money, etc.,

Clickbank is one of the most chosen marketplace for any Affiliate Marketers. Even if you are just getting started, this is the best place to get signed up and start making money. Bing + Clickbank has been an excellent combination for many affiliates who are in to PPC campaigns.

After following the analysis process mentioned in this video, make sure you use an Autoresponder & a personal website to start promoting your offers. This will help you to promote your current offer once again if the user did not make the purchase or you can even promote new offers once you have the subscriber added in to your list. This will help you avoid spending money upfront.

If you wish to create your own website using WordPress, using Instabuilder will be the best thing. This will allow you to create awesome landing pages in very short time and with a 1 time investment.

Link for Instabuilder2 –

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