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Setting up a website is not hard if done in the right way. There are many website hosting services which co-locate with drag & drop website builders like,,, While they are easy to get setup, they lack capabilities to customize your website the way you wanted. Relying on a Self Hosted website gives your more flexibility and control.

WordPress is a Content Management System that gives more flexibility and control to build any website the way we want. In this article, we will focus on the steps to get a WordPress website setup using ‘GoDaddy’ for domain & ‘Hostgator’ for web hosting.


Lets take a look at the 3 Major steps involved to set up your website and get it running.


The basic process for registration and setting up domain & hosting would almost be same for any service provider. If you get in to any troubles while setting these up, contact us and would be glad to help you.


Register a Web Domain

Our recommended Domain registration company is ‘GoDaddy’. They are in this service since long time and is the ‘Largest Domain Name Registrar’. Also, you can get your first domain for just 0.99$ for your first year. Be sure to check our ‘Deals & Discounts‘ page to get latest coupons and deals. Let’s get on to the hands on.


  • Go to ‘‘,  you would see a home page with a section as shown in the image below.



  • Type in the name of your website. If you don’t have a domain name decided yet, be sure to read our article ‘Choose the Right Domain Name‘ to pick the right domain name.
  • Once you decided type in the domain name of your choice (where you see ‘Find your perfect domain name’) and click on ‘Search Domain‘, GoDaddy would then do a search on availability and shows you results just like below image. (If your choice of domain is not available, keep trying with alternative choices)


Default search result would always be based on the ‘.com’ domain. However, GoDaddy also checks the domains availability relevant to your choice with other extensions like, .net, .org, .us, .in, etc., and displays the results. If you prefer you can add other domain extensions as well and click on ‘Select’. Below is the image how other domain results are shown.



  • After clicking on selected, you would see a confirmation indicating that your domain is available and selected. See Image below and then click on ‘Continue to Cart



  • Once you click on ‘Continue to Cart‘, godaddy would prompt for certain add on features like, Making your information Private, Email, Website Builder, etc.., You can take decision accordingly and click on ‘Continue to Cart‘ (We don’t require anything for us to proceed and any of these can be requested later if needed)
  • Check Out window will look as below after above step. GoDaddy would by default set the Term to 2 Years, be sure to check that before purchasing.




If you are not seeing $0.99 as the Unit Price, do a quick search for ‘Go Daddy 0.99$’ coupon and re-do above steps Or you can try applying the Promotional Code available in the image above.

  • Click on ‘Proceed to CheckOut‘ to continue with your order. Click on ‘Continue’ in the ‘New Customer‘ section. Fill out the details of your payment and your domain would be created in a snap.
  • Ensure your email id is correct. You would receive an email once the domain is ready and available.


Once you receive Email confirmation, you can start Hosting your website. The basic process behind registration remains the same for any service provider. Couple of other service providers you can try are,‘ – You can get more domains at cheaper price.‘ – If you are looking for other than Top Level Domains, you can get them free here.


Register for a Hosting Service.

Hostgator has been in the service since 2002. You can feel free to choose any other hosting service provider if you have got a better deal. In this article, we’ll show you how to host GoDaddy domain on Hostgator. Check our ‘Deals & Discounts‘ page for any latest coupons.


Be sure to claim your discounts with below coupons,

Coupon: OMB25OFF – Get 25% Discount on New Hosting Plans

Coupon: OMB1CENT – Get First Month for just 1CENT


  • Go to ‘‘ or ‘‘ & click on ‘Get Started‘ button.
  • Click on the ‘Buy Now‘ button under any plan of your choice. (We would strongly recommend choosing ‘Baby Plan‘. Believe us, this will help you a lot later)



  • Since the Domain is already registered with ‘GoDaddy‘ you can click on ‘Yes‘ and type in the Domain name that you registered. (Make sure you uncheck the charges for ‘SiteLock’ & ‘CodeGuard’ unless you feel the need for them)



  • You will be taken to the order confirmation page, where you can provide details of your payment. Once confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email about your order followed by confirmation about your account availability.
  • Be sure to look for below information and keep it all safe. This will be needed to manage your website at a later time.
    • Name Servers – These act as connection pointers between your Domain & Hosting. This connection setting is the most important part of this whole process. (This information would be generally under ‘Accessing Your Website’ section of the email)
    • CPanel URL  – You can access all your hosting account from this area called c-panel. In general, the URL would be “<YourWebsite>/cpanel”
    • UserName & Password – cpanel is controlled with this information. Keep it safe.
    • FTP Details – If you ever need to upload any content to your website, you would need these details.


Install ‘WordPress’ a Content Management system.

Once you have confirmation emails from domain registrar & hosting provider, you are now ready to get your website setup. One last step you need to do before having a first look at your website, is link the Domain with Hosting.

Linking GoDaddy Domain with Hostgator Hosting Services –

GoDaddy Settings –
  • Get the Name Servers details (Name server 1, Name server 2) from the Hostgator email.
  • Log in to and click on ‘Manage Domains‘. You would see list of domains that you here. Click on the little triangle beside your domain name.
  • Click on the link ‘Set Name servers



  • Once you see the page/pop up/window ‘Nameserver Settings‘. Click on ‘Custom‘ to customize namer server settings.


  • Click on ‘Add Nameserver‘ and be sure to add 2 Nameservers you received in the Hostgator email.
  • Once you click on ‘Save‘, you should now be ready for next steps in Hostgator cpanel.
Hostgator Settings –
  • Log in to hostgator cpanel. (
  • Under ‘Software & Services‘, click on the icon ‘Softaculous‘ (If you are using, you would find ‘Quick Install’ or ‘Fantastico‘ in place of ‘Softaculous’)


  • Click on the Icon ‘WordPress‘ Or find this from the menu on left side, under ‘Blog


  • When you hover the mouse on ‘WordPress‘ you would see an ‘Install‘ button, just click on it.


  • Fill details in the next screen appropriately. Some important fields,
    • Protocol – Best to use http (unless you want https)
    • Domain – Since you have only 1 domain, it would be selected by default here. If you have more than one domain, you would choose the domain you want to get installed.
    • Directory – Leave this blank. Remove ‘wp’ if its filled in.
    • Admin User Name – Make sure you use something other than ‘Admin’ to keep secured.
    • Admin Password – You can setup a password of your choice.
    • Admin Email – At this moment, give a valid gmail or other email account that you can use.
    • Email – On the bottom of the page, you would see an option to enter email id. Give a valid email id here to receive the confirmation of wordpress installation.


  • Click on ‘Install‘ to begin WordPress Installation.

Wait for a couple of minutes to see the successful installation message. You can now log into the backend of your website using the credentials sent in the email. (




By default, WordPress installs and setups the latest default theme for the year. Eg: Twenty Sixteen and comes up with a sample post, sample page and sample comments.


Congratulations !!! you now have a website created. You can start customizing this website the way you want.


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