How To Find Best Keywords For Bing Campaigns


In this video we are going to see a process to find Laser Targeted Keywords for your Bing PPC campaigns. Not every keyword you find from different keyword research tools may be applicable for your campaigns. How many every keyword combinations you find using these different tools. If they are not being searched on Bing, they are not going to help us in anyway.

Also, using a keyword that got never searched on Bing might actually cost you more. Yes, if Bing cannot calculate the Bid rate, it defaults in a value and will not bid for a lower rate. So, you end up paying higher rates for your clicks. So, we need to understand if every keyword that we use is actually searched on Bing or Not.
In order to do this, we are going to see a tool provided by Bing, called ‘Bing Ads Intelligence’ an excel add-on.

Using ‘Bing Ads Intelligence’ tool, you can run all the keywords that you found from different Keyword research platforms and find if they were searched on Bing, if so, what is the performance for each of those keywords. By doing this, we are going to know if our keywords are actually a worth of effort by us.

Watch the complete video where you can see ‘How we got to just 49 keyword combinations’ from 1298 keywords that were consolidated from different keyword research platforms. This short count of Laser Targeted Keywords is going to help us in being able to write Most Relevant Ad Copies and group them appropriately in to Ad Groups.

This research also helps us in being able to prepare a Landing Page that is going to be relevant to all these keywords. Making sure that we create a Relevant Ad Copy & Relevant Landing page, will help us in getting High Quality Score which in turn helps us in getting more CTR.
As mentioned in the video, here are links to various Keyword Research platforms (It is now ‘’)

Below are a few more keyword research tools that you can use. Make sure you filter out everything exactly the same way after getting data from any or all of the tools.


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