How To Review Analyze Optimize Bing PPC Campaigns


This Video helps you understand how to Analyze, Review and then Optimize your Bing PPC campaigns. In my previous video, we have seen an example on how to setup the campaign. Considering the same as an example, after letting the campaign run for couple of days, we are going to see ‘What Went Well’ , ‘What did not work’ & ‘What are our Next Steps’.

By going through this video, you will understand what parameters or metrics to consider and understand to optimize your campaign. The Analysis of my campaign will help you to do the same, Review Analyze Optimize your Bing PPC Campaigns.

LinksĀ mentioned in the video,

Previous Video showing how to setup Bing PPC Campaign –

Link for Instabuilder2 –

Link for Prosper 202 –

Link for CPV Lab –

Link to get the complete DFY setup of the campaign shown in this video –


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