Legit Ways to Make Money Online

If you are out in the market to know ‘Legit Ways to Make Money Online’ you are in the right place. ‘Affiliate Marketing‘ has been one of the most popular and consistent business model that is working for many people around. We have laid out a quick snapshot of the most important and legit money making opportunities which include Affiliate Marketing, Niche Marketing & Email Marketing. Keep reading to know about the same. If you want to know about other ways to make money online, Read ‘Multiple Ways To Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the Best Money Making opportunities available. In simple words, It is the technique of Earning Money by referring a product to any person and in turn sharing a portion of the sale or receiving a commission for the sale from the actual Product owner.


Beauty of this method is you don’t need to own a product by yourself. All you need to do is refer/recommend people to the product’s/service’s or to their website. When the person finishes a sale from the owner’s website, as a referrer you would receive the affiliate commission.


3 Simple Steps in Affiliate Marketing

  1. Sign up to Affiliate Networking Market Places and choose a product (Would be ideal to choose a product you used or you wish to use or a product that you can comment about)
  2. Create a medium to promote this product. This can be a Blog/Website (most preferred way), Facebook Fan Page, Youtube channel, etc.,
  3. Send the visitor to the product owners page with your recommendations or comments or any other info that can be useful for the visitor.


Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

There are many benefits of getting into Affiliate Marketing of which below are some of the main reasons, why one should choose Affiliate Marketing as one of their opportunities to Earn Money Online.

  • No Cost to Join Affiliate Networking Marketplaces
  • More options to choose from Affiliate Network Marketplaces
  • Multiple variations like Physical Products, Digital Products, Services, etc.,
  • Easy to setup and start working
  • No complicated procedures
  • Low cost to start off
  • Potential to scale for Higher Earnings
  • No Product to Own (If you are not planning to sell your own products)
  • No worry about Customer Support, Refunds, etc., to deal with
  • Work any where, any time




Know these before hand

As any other business, Affiliate Marketing as well comes with a few issues. Though these issues are not worth of worrying too much, it’s better to discuss.

  • Dependency on 3rd party sellers (since you are not owning the product) can put your efforts in vain if they don’t pay you in time. (Solution: Choose right Network Marketplace)
  • Not knowing the impacts of the products you refer. (Solution: Market only the products/services that you used or tested)
  • Some merchants may turn down the products after you start marketing. (Solution: Check the reputation and background of the merchant before hand)
  • Heavy competition in the online market.


Affiliate Marketing can be done without a website/blog. However, having a website/blog will really be helpful for a long term and better alternative earnings which most of the successful affiliates do. You can read ‘How To Create A Website‘ to be able to setup a website in less than an hour. If you have trouble or need help, just contact us. We can help you on getting your website setup.


Niche Marketing

Niche Marketing can be a part of Affiliate Marketing unless you are planning for a Private Label Products. Niche marketing in short concentrates on a specific product category or a particular Niche. This choice of marketing methods has got multiple variants like Authority website or micro niche websites.


In Simple Steps,

  1. Identify a Niche (Read ‘How to Choose a Profitable Niche‘ to know more about identifying a niche)
  2. Find marketplaces that sell the niche related products or services (like Amazon, Clickbank)
  3. Create a medium to promote the content by either writing reviews or articles to address various questions related to the product.


Benefits of Niche Marketing

  • Manageable competition – Based on the niche you pick, the competition can be less or more.
  • Make it Big or Small – Wanna be a Authoritative, you can choose a niche to have a authoritative blog or pick up and maintain a Micro Niche Website.
  • Build a Brand – If you are an expert, you can build a brand by yourself.
  • Easy to target audience
  • Never Ending Business – Life time of a product can be almost never ending. If setup right, you can almost make this as an automated business.




Know these before hand

  • Finding Right Niche is the Key – While it seems to be too easy, finding right niche makes things bit complicated if not done correct. (Solution: Usage of the tools like Google Keyword planner, Longtail pro can help a lot during the keyword researching phase. Read ‘How to Find Profitable Keywords‘)
  • Limitation on the Marketplaces – Choice of finding an affiliate for a niche that you are interested may be slim. (Solution: Researching prior to finalizing Niche should help in mitigating this)


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is now a days becoming integral part of every Marketing technique. You either choose Affiliate Marketing or Niche Marketing, collecting Emails is an Important and must to do item. Once you have an Email of the visitor (who might have turned as a potential buyer), it is easy to do follow ups from then on and continue promoting upcoming or latest products. Being in constant touch with your customers to provide more value ad (Eg., If you have sold a product, you can send an email on ‘How to handle weather changes’ if that product needs any maintenance and if you are selling a digital product, you can send updates of the products, etc.,)

In order to get into & sustain Email Marketing, an Autoresponder is a must. Read ‘Best Autoresponders‘ to know how to choose the best autoresponder.


In Simple Steps,

  1. Create a website (Optional though, you may try using Social Media platforms, Landing pages, etc.,)
  2. Setup an Autoresponder
  3. Collect Emails of the visitors or buyers
  4. Setup Email follow up campaigns.


Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Marketing to known audience – Since you are targeting your visitors who left mails, you know who your audience are.
  • Quality Leads – Your list is made of people who provided info voluntarily, so you are not talking anything non sense.
  • Mutual Help – You are helping them to find new or useful info and they cause the revenue generation.
  • Readily available market – Eg., If you got a list of people who bought new mobile say Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, you can very well promote new Wireless chargers in the market.



Know these before hand

  • Spam Filters – Not all Email service providers treat the promotional emails same way. CAN SPAM act can impact and may send your mail into SPAM folder thus causing potential loss of market. (Solution: Use better domains, better Autoresponders)
  • Lesser Ability to collect Email Info – Not every visitor would leave an Email. Providing value add for any product to entice visitor to leave an email can be challenging.  (Solution: If the products that you are promoting are digital, PLRs can be of a help to share as a Free Report or a Freebie. If physical product is being promoted, a usage guide or a maintenance guide can be of a good help)


If you are not interested in spending time creating & maintaining websites, Landing Pages are your best alternatives. A combination of a Landing Page + Autoresponder helps you in reducing your overall time to setup & start earning faster. Wanna know how? continue reading here.

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