Madsense Revamped – Make Money with Google Adsense Easily

Madsense Revamped is the 3rd Version to their initial course that has been released around 3 years back. In this post, we will take a quick look at what this is all about and How it helps in Earning Decent Income using Just Google Adsense on your website.


Many of online bloggers get started with the dream of making money online basically from Blogging. They realize that, it is not just easy as it sounds only tirelessly working on their blog. There are way too many things to learn, implement & tweak, to make decent amount of money just with help of Blogging. This is where, a Proven path or methods by some one who is practicing them, will help in shortcuting all those struggles.


In this Review of Madsense Revamped course, we will see what this proven path and how it helps in making money just google adsense, with less amount of work from our end.


As mentioned earlier, this is a Digital course & is created by Abdullah Ashraf & Gaurab Borah. They had come up with this strategy 3 years back and have been tweaking it, as the market conditions are changing. This current version suites latest changes/trends that are in place as on date in this industry and are proven to work with no issues.



In a Quick Summary, this method involves Driving Targeted Traffic to our website at a fraction of the cost of what Adsense Clicks could let us earn up on any conversions. So, we create/setup a website with info or different type of articles, which is explained inside the course and then, drive traffic starting at a budget of 5$ per day, which is completely OK by Google.


In their previous version “Madsense Reborn”, they used Facebook to purchase Ads and drive traffic to our websites. But, this time, they came up with a different traffic source which has been in the industry for a Very long time. Is this something new? No, this has been around for a while for sure. So, the key thing here is, How to Put everything together in the right way.


The course does cover various topics to get started even a newbie immediately. Below are some of the topics/sections they cover inside the members area.


Below are some other common questions that are answered inside the course as well.

Q. Which Type of Website is good for Adsense Earnings?

Q. Is it really possible to earn money just by using Google Adsense?

Q. How to Earn with Google Adsense?


Currently this product comes with different One Time offers like DFY website setup where they finish up the complete site creation and let you take care of further content creation & campaign creation, etc., This does come with a reasonable price tag, when compared to other platforms like Flippa, WarriorForum, Upwork, Fiverr, etc., (We cannot rely on what the vendors from these other platforms can bring us, once we pay them. But, in this case, we know what we are going to get and how it works too).


Other Offers does include an easier way to get Content created, instead of hiring some one to write or you to spend your time. Followed by Agency rights to resell this product.


If you are interested to learn more about this product along with more details, you can click the link below and check out the latest info ….


This method does involve cost. If you have time and spend some energy to write articles all by yourself, you can save some money. Otherwise, you need to spend some money to get your articles too. A site with no content is Not Good for Traffic too. So, keep that into consideration as well.


However, If you have been struggling to earn money with you blog for a while, then, this method will definitely help you to get out of that situation.

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