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Rank Higher in Google by following Best SEO techniques

How to Rank Top in Google? is a common question and challenge for every website owner in the Internet world. Are you one among the herd looking for Best SEO methods and tools? Then ‘Project Supremacy’ a wordpress Plugin is yout best bet. This is by far the best solution to enhance your On Page SEO. This simple and easy to use wordpress plugin helps any site to rank up in Google at an average of 23 spots.


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What is Project Supremacy All About?

Project Supremacy is a WordPress plugin that you can easily use and configure. On Page SEO is a forever and organic way to get visitors and enhance google rankings. Basically, this plugin helps you to structure the data in your site so that Google can identify your site much faster than, it did earlier. Google would index a Structured Website more faster and higher than an Unstructured Data. This plugin would allow you to structure your website in such a way that, google ranks you higher. Setting up and configuring this plugin helped many websites to grow their rank in Google.

Typical results during the Test Phase revealed that websites moved up at least at an average of 23 spots after installing this plugin.




How does Project Supremacy Work?

Using of this plugin is not a rock science. If you are in the Internet Marketing world and using WordPress, you would know how easy it is configure a plugin and do the settings. To make it simpler, watch the video below to get a glance of what it looks like and how to configure.



Behind The Scenes Info:

Schema is the tiny “micro” data Google picks up to determine your site’s content (and how good it is). Unlike the meta-keywords of old, good Schema is dynamic with your site. And while having that is a real “B” to do manually, Project Supremacy works in the background, perfectly, 24/7, to get this done for you.

EXIF is the micro data that’s taken from your images so that Google gets a really important glimpse into what your website is about. Sites where the EXIF data gets created nearly always outrank those that don’t. And Project Supremacy is going to take care of ALL of that for you.


What are the features?

Unlike other plugins, this has got every thing to start off and to finish your quest to Internet Marketing. Below are few of the feature that you could expect with this plugin.

  1. Can add Interlinking, Affiliate Links with Push of a button.
  2. Can add Youtube Videos, Pixabay Images with Push of a button.
  3. Do all your Keyword Research Inside.
  4. Integrate with iWriter, iNeedArticles
  5. Research ability for Affiliate Marketing products from Marketplaces like Clicbank.
  6. Setup Schema on All Pages.

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Final Verdict & Why?

Working with a constant upgrading system like Google is not an easy task. Being in the industry for longer time, the authors have actually come up with one of the best solutions that could last longer (not like other plugins) in the market. Considering the way how easy it is to setup and configure this plugin, it is a WORTHY investment to get Organic visitors to your website. Rather than spending too much on paid advertising and getting the visitors, it is worth to get Organic visitors who are in search of you. This will help to boost your conversions as well.



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