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Have you ever thought of talking to your visitors real time? Ever thought of being able to let your visitors know about latest stuff on your website real time? Ever wondered, about those desktop alerts sent by Facebook? Never wonder any more, PushLotus does all that for you. With PushLotus, Introduce your latest products, notifications, announcements, etc., to your visitors with out distracting them yet grabbing their attention in the right time and in right place. Interested enough to know what is all PushLotus about?


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What is PushLotus all about?

PushLotus works on the concept of Direct Marketing that let you communicate directly to customers via variety of media. Unlike the traditional ways, Pushlotus uses the Push Notifications on the Web Browsers to grab your site visitors attention.

There are many plugins to deal with push notifications on mobiles, but PushLotus is the one which can talk to your visitors directly on their browsers. Even, if your theme is not mobile compatible, still you have the freedom to reach your visitors.

Just configure the notification and Push it instantly.

What can you do with PushLotus?

Pushlotus lets you market your self or engage your audience in many ways, Below are a few of the immediate thins that you can do,

  1. Talk to users Right on the Browser, Real time.
  2. Reach your Users any where on the web.
  3. Build Mobile Audience without a Mobile App.
  4. Get Higher Opt-in Rates.
  5. Get Higher Click Rates than Emails or other promotions
  6. Send personalized Pushes

See how PushLotus is different from others,


How to setup PushLotus?

Setting up a PushLotus campaign is very easy. Once you sign up, you receive all the information about your account.

  1. Login into your Pushlotus portal with your account.
  2. Create/Customize the notification.
  3. Get the code & Copy it on to your website.

That’s it, when ever visitor get to your website, they will be asked to be able to receive notifications. Once they agree upon, notifications can be published automatically.

See PushLotus in action,



What you get with PushLotus?

Ok, now you got what is the PushLotus is all about. Let’s see when you get PushLotus, what you get. PushLotus can be purchased in 2 different flavors & comes with 2 One Time Offers.

PushLotus Standard – You get immediate ability to start sending Push Notifications to any desktop browsers.

PushLotus Pro – Get immediate access and ability to start sending Push Notifications to Mobiles, Tablets along with any desktop browsers.

One catch here that i am little concerned is about the cap(or limit) on the number of notification that you can send. With Standard/Pro, you would be able to send only 1000 notifications. Reasoning from the creators regarding this seems to be bit logical, (but to me its a negative though). As per the creators, the Cap/Limit is set to make sure that the users would be mindful of the push notifications that they send and expect users not to waste their opportunities. This may seem to be OK when we compare these with the malware softwares that used to be in place in olden days, but not definitely a thing to worry in these days.


One Time Offer 1:

However, you can purchase more notification credits in packs of 9000 or 99000 credits. Make sure you avail the HUGE DISCOUNT if you have more subscribers already during the launch it self to avoid high payouts at a later time.

90% DISCOUNT for 9000 Credits

95% DISCOUNT for 99000 Credits.

This discount is available only for the first 100 buyers only. Click and see if you qualify for the discount.


One Time Offer 2:

If you would like to get unlimited credits & are interested in reselling this, Creators provide an option to pay & get the White Label Rights, which is limited only 20 people though. With this purchase, you gonna get,

  • High converting sales copy which you can use to sell PushLotus to other people.
  • High converting email swipes & graphics.
  • Phone support from the creators of this software.
  • Ability to keep 100% of profits that are made with this software that you sell.
  • Lifetime updates to the softwares.
  • To me, this sounds to be very high and not a thing to consider at the moment.

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Below is the process how your credits are counted when you start using PushLotus,

One PushLotus notification credit equals one Push Notification alert on one subscriber’s device.

If 100 people opted into your PushLotus list & you have 1000 PushLouts notification Credits, that means you can send them 10 Push Notifications.

If you got more than 1000 people to opt into your push notifications list, but you only have 1000 PushLotus notification credits .. then PushLotus will send 1 push notification to the most recent 1000 subscribers.


Final Verdict & Why?

There is no doubt this can be a definite way to improve your click rates, opt-in rates when everything goes well. However, i did not find any reasoning when the user clicks ‘Not Interested’, how these clicks are counted & you loose being able to contact them. Per my understanding, they get counted under lost credits. (This is same with other offer like CPA, CPC etc.,) But is it worth spending this amount to already existing visitors? So, it depends on what you are up against and your marketing strategy to determine if you need to invest in this software.

This software is expected to be launched at a price range of 67$ – 97$ for 1000 Credits, you can now do the math to know the cost per each notification. This helps you determine it to be worth of investment or not by a quick comparison against your current campaign costs.

If this is turning out to be the cheapest way among the strategies you are using (which i think can be), you can grab your access here.


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