ShopaBot Review – Create Automated Amazon Affiliate Websites

ShopaBot Review – Create Automated Amazon Affiliate Websites


In this article, we will be doing a Quick Review of ShopaBot – The Latest & Easiest Automated Amazon Affiliate Website builder. If you would like to skip all the hard work on creating Product Review Style websites and promote affiliate products, this tool will be one of your best choice. Keep reading to understand how it is going to help you.


Shopabot basically helps you create Stunning Affiliate Stores in just under 5 minutes and loaded with Tons of products from Amazon along with all the updates done automatically. All you need to do is, simply give the product name or category name and your store is ready with all the products related to it. That’s it, that is all you need to do. You are now ready to promote your site across any platform. You can check out our Store @


In fact, your store is hosted FREE by the shopabot team themselves. So, there is not even a need to get a new domain or hosting package. If you are just getting started, you can search for different ways to get approved with Amazon Affiliate Program without owning a website.


Before you continue to read, if you would like to see a Detailed Review of the software along with its Pros & Cons, you can check this video.

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Once you have your store ready, all you need to do is Drive Traffic to your site. One thing that is worth noting is that, you get 90 Day Cookie period when visitors go to Amazon through the links in this store. You can actually send a Highly Targeted Traffic, by simply creating Viral Videos (may be by using Video Titan) & share them either on Youtube or Facebook.


When you see the actual product page, you would realize that your visitors are not distracted with all the unwanted Ads and other stuff. They get to see a Nice Slideshow of all the Product Images and then get to the Product Description section along with all the Customer Reviews. When you visit our store, you can see how well this is all laid out.


Along with regular product pages, you can even create a Giveaway page and Drive Viral Traffic to your website. With Easy integration into you Autoresponder, you can even Collect Emails of your visitors and keep promoting other stuff at a later time.


If you are interested to read on ‘How Easy it is to create these Stores’, here are the details (if you don’t like to see the video)


STEP 1: Add Amazon details, select your theme and your store is ready to take sales.
STEP 2: Import EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT for sale on Amazon (it’s like your OWN Amazon!)
STEP 3: Use our Proprietary Viral Products Search Engine
STEP 4: Instantly create viral landing pages for the proven viral products
STEP 5: Your store is ready, always updating and consistantly building snowballing traffic


Pros –

Here are the Positives about this product that you might like to know.

Your landing pages are 100% optimized to go viral, compelling your visitors to share to access perfectly tailored giveaways or win prizes you’re offering.

  • There’s absolutely no need to import or update products
  • Your ShopABot store updates automatically, in real time, directly from Amazon.
  • Cloudbased/hosted stores or click to connect your own domain
  • Easy to customise, choose your focus niche and let the viral traffic take over
  • Proven big sellers as they are about to go viral
  • 90 Day Amazon affiliate cookie, for a LOT more sales


Cons –

As with any software or product, it is common to have some Cons. It is up to us to determine how important these cons for us.

  • You have less control to show more links on the pages.
  • You will be benefited with 90 Days cookies only if the users wish to click the button ‘Add To Cart’ and then go to Amazon.
  • Custom Domain is something that would have been more enticing, but no hosting subsides this anyway.


With this software in action, i am sure that there is not any more need for you to worry about knowing Where to Buy Amazon Affiliate Websites. You can create one by yourself just in a matter of minutes.


If this all entices you, you can get this at it’s best price by following our link @


This is currently available in multiple variants with extra Whistles & Bells that may help you in longer run, especially, if you are taking this as a serious side hustle. Here are the details,



Are you ready to get it ???

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