Sinfiltrator Review – Create Email List without Website

Creating an Email List to promote your or affiliate products has been one of the promising methods in terms of Earning Money Online. With the amount of competition that out there on the internet, Making Money Online isn’t the same way as it was in the past. With so many websites out there, it is not an easy task to setup & maintain a website and then work hard to get on to First page on Google or any Search Engine. What if you have got a system to “Share Other’s Quality Content and Earn Money“, “Get More Leads“, “Make Affiliate Sales without Website“, what not? Everything you need to make your Online Marketing rake up, is now available with just one software “Sinfiltrator“. If you ever shared an affiliate link Social Networking sites, Youtube, Google+, Facebook or Forums, etc., you might already experienced the ‘Violation of Terms & Services’ messages by now. Sinfiltrator has got the solution for this.

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What is Sinfiltrator All About?

Sinfiltrator is a software program that allows you to place an Opt-In form, a Video, an Affiliate Link, a Call To Action, etc., on any website without any hassels or jumping through hoops with a simple Point & Click approach. This helps you in many ways, if you want to build a list without a website or make money with CPA offers and many more. In reality, if you were to do any of the above mentioned stuff, you would end up in creating a website, creating a Fancy Squeeze page, Landing page, etc., which eats up so much of time. Sinfiltrator by passes the need for all such things easily and provides an excellent interface to create a shareable link that can be used directly on any Forum or Groups with out getting bounced back with their terms & conditions.

What can Sinfiltrator do?

It can do any thing that you need to, as an Online Marketer. A few worth mentioning are,

  1. Collect Leads
  2. Earn Affiliate commissions
  3. Increase your CPA earnings
  4. Add your own video on top of any website
  5. Avoid making websites



On top of above features, You can track your links & stats from your Sinfiltrator dashboard.

How does Sinfiltrator work?


If you are already doing Affiliate Marketing or Online Marketing, you might have used Short URL services at some point in time. Sinfiltrator usage is almost the same way. Once you signup and got into Sinfiltrator, you can encode the website link that you want to share in Sinfiltrator. Upon on configuring, it generates a sinfiltrator link that you can use in any Forums, FB groups, etc.,

The key difference with this Vs short urls is that you actually can show the content and request for Action only if the visitors needs to.

Watch the demo to get more clarity.

In simple steps,

  1. Select the website link of the best content you want to use. (For Eg. Our Home Page 🙂)
  2. Login into Sinfiltrator and encode the link.
  3. Grab the Sinfiltrator link that you got.
  4. Share your link on any Forums or Social Networking Sites.
  5. Once visitor clicks on link, they will be able to see the exact same page that you shared in the link.
  6. If your visitor would like to access any link in the shared page, and clicks on any where on the page. (Eg., Say visitor likes out page and wanted to know more about one of the reviews and clicked on ‘Read More’ link)
  7. Once visitor clicks on the page, he would prompted with a Opt-In form to enter his details to proceed further. (This depends on the configuration that you set up with in the Sinfiltrator login)
  8. Visitor gets routed to our website and you will get the details per your Optin form.

See, its that simple. You didn’t need a website to collect leads, but you were able to share Quality Content and got the information that you needed. In the same way, you can share any of the best & relevant content that you are interested and earn affiliate commissions (based on how you configure). Don’t worry, all the needed coaching is provided once you Signup.



What do you get with Sinfiltrator?

Access to Sinfiltrator system which has got various layers and forms that you can use in your campaigns.

Sinfiltrator Basic – A complete Training + Software package.

You get Step-By-Step training on how to use Sinfiltrator which helps you discover,

  1. How to use Sinfiltrator to make money even if you’ve never earned $1 online before.
  2. How to finally use Sinfiltrator to build an e-mail list of people who actually buy – with no product of your own, and no squeeze page. You don’t even need your own domain name.
  3. The sneaky way Sinfiltrator helps me make $3,000.00 pure profit every single month on AUTOPILOT.
  4. How to add new profit streams in your life with Sinfiltrator in just 5 minutes a few times a week.
  5. How to do ALL OF THIS even if you have zero assets to your name: no product, no website, no connections, no list… you need NOTHING.

With a simple upgrade to Pro Membership, you would get,

  • Own Domain Option: ability to install and use Sinfiltrator on your own domain which will mean you will be able to paste your links in complete undercover way
  • Use on Unlimited Own Domains: install and use on as many own domains as you want
  • Sell the outputs of Sinfiltrator to others, meaning can set up the optins, popups and other calls to action, and charge whatever you want for them
  • Create free accounts for others (cannot sell the software)

With ‘White Label Rights‘ package,

  • Can sell as your own software
  • Complete marketing package, including all marketing materials
  • High converting Sales Page included
  • Can change software name

You would also be able to get the complete collection of Case Studies and actual FB groups that drove tons of money for the authors and members who used this during testing phase.


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Final Verdict & Why ?

You may now have a question of genuinity, worthiness of this product. No doubt, this is a kind of new way to sky rocket your earnings online without spending too much time. Do you recall, How much time did you ever spent on creating a Quality content that can rank you on top of many others in the search engines? If you consider the havoc’s of all that website maintenance, SEO stuff, running through multiple short url services & getting kicked back from forums, i would say this would DEFINETLY be a WORTHY investment. However, Sinfiltrator link is still pron to get blocked, if not now, may be in future, since it is damn easy for any forum or program to understand this link is just like any other short urls with a little tweak. Since the product has just released into market, we are yet to see how google or other forums can act on this.

Well, if you are on the first few to grab the access and make TON of Money then who cares about this little investment? For the cost this product is available, IMO, it is a wise move to get “SIGNED UP to GET ACCESS” and invest on this.



Thanks for reading through our review. Feel free to let us know what’s your opinion.

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