Top 3 Ways to Create Youtube Videos


May it be Affiliate marketing or Blogging or a Sales Letter, having a video has been one of the key parameters these days. Knowing ‘What are the 3 Top Programs to create videos’ is going to help you a lot.

Couple of programs (Animaker & Moovly) shown in this video are free to join and get a kick start. Last program (Explaindio) is a paid version that is available for offline video creation as well.

Animaker –
This is by far one of the best & easy Animation Video creation program that i like. You can create very professional videos using Animaker. These videos can be used for Youtube Intros, Sales Letters, Explaining your product in more engaged way, etc., With Free version you get to create 2 mins video in SD resolution and with the Animaker Logo. You can easily create the videos with in the program by using pre-existing templates or start everything from scratch.

You can pay for more advanced services like, lengthier videos, HD quality etc., Check out & Explore more by visiting the link –
Moovly –
Other favorite tool of mine, which helps you to create high definition videos at very lesser price. All you need to do is, choose an existing template of start everything from scratch. With this program you get choose less of Animation style, but more of Explainer style videos. Its easy interface lets you create the videos much faster. Their new interface helps you create videos with videos embedded in one other.

Check out & Explore more by visiting their link –

Explaindio –
A little advanced, yet a MUST tool, especially if you are serious about your Online Business with video marketing as one of your agenda. This tool is available for download, so helps in being able to create videos offline as well. This tool is currently being used by many internet marketers to create videos with in less time. May it be Explainer Style, Animation Style, Sketch board style, Whiteboard style whatever is the video type you need, you can get it through Explaindio.

With their latest version, you can also create 3D videos. Check out yourself here –

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