Track Bing Ads Campaigns Easily – TrackingDesk Campaign Setup

Track Bing Ads Campaigns Easily – TrackingDesk Campaign Setup


If you have been into running Bing Ads PPC campaigns, you might already know How Important it is to Track your Campaigns. After taking care of Setting up Perfect Ad Campaign, creating a Perfect Landing you should definitely have a way to Track Your Conversions to be able to Optimize & Tweak your campaigns. But, setting up of PPC Tracking might be Complicated or requires an additional hosting some times. In this article, we will discuss on ”How to Setup BingAds Tracking Very Easily” using this program ‘TrackingDesk”.


This tool helps you Setup the Tracking Very Easily and also for Very Cheap rate. If you are just getting started, there is no need for you to pay hefty amounts for your clicks. You can signup for a FREE package which will help you track 10k Clicks per month totally free. Although you need to create and use a Custom Domain, you can try out the program in the first month with a default domain.


Check out this video below for the detailed steps to setup the campaign for a Clickbank Offer on the BingAds platform.



As you might have realized how easy it is to setup, i would also like re-emphasis on the fact that, they provide an excellent Template structure, which helps you very much in those early days.


If you have not gone through the video, do check it out for more details. Click the button below to get started with the Free Package.

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