TrafficZion Review & Demo – Get Free Targeted Traffic To Your WordPress Websites

TrafficZion Review & Demo


In this article, we will go ahead and take a Quick Look at Brand New Tool ‘TrafficZion’ & its review. This tool helps you in getting FREE Targeted, Collaborators Traffic straight to your WordPress websites. With just simple setup and installation, this tool runs automatically in the backend and starts getting traffic from your fellow bloggers and allow/enable to Follow, Like or Comment on your post/blog.


This tool also helps you in enabling and building a Good Quality Backlink profile, by letting you know about the latest blog posts that are related to your niche. Since you know about the blog posts the moment they are published, you can start going to these blogs and post a quality information that can get them back to your blog or get a link back to your website. Doing this can help you in establishing Authority in your niche.



While everything seems to be good, there are certain limitations to this as well. This is available only if your website is built on WordPress. You need to have Jetpack installed and working inorder to use this method.



Right now the Software is in Beta Testing Phase. We are in the process of testing this tool on couple of our ‘Dead’ (No activity on these since 6 months, other than sending traffic through PPC campaigns) websites and we are going to list down our findings in here. If you are interested in this tool and would like to check out the progress. Feel free to re-visit this page or send us an email @


Meanwhile, if you are planning to take a look at this software .. You can visit this for more details. @

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