Ways to do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Ways to do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website


While it is Best to Have Own Website, it is yet times not possible to set it up properly for various reasons. If you are one among the few that would like to get started & would like to know different Ways to do Affiliate Marketing without a Website, continue to read this through entire post. You will even find an answer to the question ‘How to do affiliate marketing without a website?’

We’ll discuss about all the possible ways that can help you promote your affiliate links without the need for a completely setup website. Most of the times, you may need to have a Link Shortener or Just a Domain or a Simple WordPress website with no posts or pages or different setup to share your links across.

One thing that you need to consider here is that, these methods does involve some work from your end. You might need to create a Simple Videos or Simple PDFs or Simple Slide shows or something else that we will be discussing in detail below, in order to be able to prove your authority and be profitable.

Policies of the networks and platforms keep changing from time to time. So, be sure to check the policies when you are try to applying these techniques. You can reach out to your Affiliate Managers if you are not sure about it.

First step in this process is to find an Offer or a Network that will allow to you promote their products or services via Direct Linking method. Eg., Few Offers on Peerfly will not allow you to send traffic directly to their landers/landing pages. They mandate you to use a Pre-Lander or a Bridge Page before the visitors see their offers. On the other hand, Amazon do not allow to send PPC traffic directly to their website.

Some of the most prominent networks like ‘Clickbank, JvZoo, WarriorPlus‘ do not force you to use any such bridge pages. Ofcourse, don’t forget that having a Landing Page can effectively improve your ability to collect leads that you can use for your future promotions.


The methods that we are going to discuss will still be the same, even if you have your own website. You will get a few more options if you are ready to setup at least just a Domain with a few free plugins, but not complete website (More details below).

Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Once you decide the offer and network, you can pretty much follow any or all of steps detailed below to get your link available for the public.


Method 1 – Affiliate Marketing Without A Website Using “Youtube Videos”

If you are using Internet, you already know how popular Youtube is & how much traffic is being driven from this platform. While Youtube is going through aggressive changes, we still see that you can use it to drive tons of Traffic relatively easier than Google SEO and completely FREE of cost.

Even if you are shy to be in front of the camera, with a Simple Whiteboard Animation Video or a Voice Over Slide Shows or showing something like unboxing a product or explaining a service, etc., you can easily create a video these days.

All you need to do, is create a Simple Video, upload it to Youtube. Add your aff link that you got from your vendor and add it to the Description section of the video. Try to use a URL Shortener to make sure that your link do not look spammy.

If you know how to do a little proper On Page SEO, you can easily start getting your link exposed to vast number of audiences. Check out our article How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing on Youtube for more info on that.

The key to this method is, getting your video ranked higher and having a high audience retention rate. If your video is seen as something which holds visitors for longer time, the platform is going to take care of rest of the promotion.

=> Better to use URL Shortener


  • FREE
  • Easy to Get Started


  • Requires you to create videos (Youtube stopped cc video usage recently)
  • Requires you to know lil bit of Youtube SEO


Method 2 – Share Digital Assets

How many times you might have used Word or Open Office or similar other programs? Have your ever create a PDF or a PPT Slide or even a MS Word document? If yes, this is a method that you can use to promote your affiliate offers in ANY network. Facebook banned promoting Clickbank/JvZoo links in their platform. So, you need to find a way to by pass them and this is one of the best ways.

With this method, you can simply go ahead and create a simple Ebook or Digital Doc (PDF, Word Doc or PPT Slides, etc.,) and can share with any groups that you are associated with.

Always make sure that you are providing value with your pdfs. Don’t just share a pdf with only affiliate link with in it. As an Example, if you are promoting a Weight Loss product, you can create a simple pdf with a Quick Check list and include reference to your product that you are promoting with in it.

Here is an example of a product that helps you create Product (Jvzoo, Clickbank, Warrior+) Review style PDFs that can be shared on Facebook. – Passive Profit Builder

=> Better to use Link Shortener

Here is a link to an article which explains how to do the pdf traffic generation –http://trafficgenerationcafe.com/pdf-traffic-generation/


  • Easy to share if you have good knowledge on the topic
  • No Spam policy
  • You can use services like FIVERR to upload these pdfs across the web for cheaper rate with just 1 time effort.


  • Can get more clicks and continue future promotions only if you offer quality doc
  • Cannot be promoting pdfs every day (unless you are proven to be authority figure)
  • Not so reliable method these days, but a quick test can confirm.


Method 3 – Pay Per Click Campaigns

While Google Adwords doest not like Affiliate Marketers using direct linking or using pages solely to collect leads, Bing is relatively in favor of us. With BingAds platform, you can setup a Direct Linking PPC campaign very easily.

As part of campaign creation, you can create an Ad and send visitors to the Vendor page directly. There is no need for creating a separate landing page or website. But, remember that you cannot use Re-Marketing Features when you going via Direct Linking route.

If you would like to go this route, don’t miss out on the FREE coupons available in the market to get started. At the same time, be cautious about the spammy coupons. As an example, BingAds gives you a $100 credit when you are signing up for the first time with them. This offer and might not be available all the time though.

When you are spending for your Ad Campaigns, having a Website is worth of an investment so that you can either collect leads or use the website with a different traffic strategy.

=> Link cloaking or URL Shorteners should not be used.


  • Easy to setup
  • Quick to create campaign if you know how to do it.
  • More targeted than any other form of advertising.


  • Involves Paid maintenance
  • If you don’t know the right way, money is lost pretty quickly.


Method 4 – Using Webpage Jacking Softwares

This may seem like a Grey Hat technique for some people. If you have not heard of this before, just continue to read through and take a decision accordingly. Some of the softwares or programs may need you to have an Autoresponder integration in order to get this working correctly.

There are different ways this could work though.


Jacker Plugins –

You need to have a self hosted wordpress website in order to use this method. Once you’ve got it, you will then install one of these plugins (Hijax, JackJacker, SuperJacker). It helps you creates a Dummy page which looks exactly same as an existing authority page (that you need not own) and sends users to your vendor’s page when they click anywhere on this dummy page (also called Iframe technique).

This way, there is no need for you to write a Quality Article. Instead you are hijacking an authority URL and overlaying your links on top of their page. When the user clicks anywhere on the page, they are then taken to your affiliate product.


Jacker Programs –

Some of the SAAS based programs (Eg., SQZinLinkgage, ViraSoci) available in the market will allow you to create a Dummy Link with or with your own website and sends users to your Vendor’s page when take a certain action or Display a Popup on top of the page that you are intending to promote.

This actually helps you in saving huge time that generally goes off in creating content and landing pages.

All you needed is a subscription with this service. Some of these do require you to use your own domain to avoid being a spammy link.

=> Works well with a Website with no pages or posts & also Link Shorteners


  • Easy to setup
  • No Effort to create own content.


  • Some people may call this as a Grey Hat technique.
  • Some Vendors do not allow to use these jacking techniques.
  • Yet times, you would still need to get a Domain & setup simple websites. Else, Social Media websites can easily blacklist these links after a few days.


Method 5 – Using Article Directories

You can use article directories like Hub Pages, Reddit, Medium, Ezine Articles or any other latest websites which share and allow you to submit articles. All you need to do, is write an Engaging article or an Authoritative article which can generate a good amount of engagements.

You would be able to include a link to your products with in your article as a citation or as an example, which help you drive sales from it. Be sure not to spam these directories else your account could be suspended pretty easily.

Though these sites help your link exposed to an existing targeted traffic, the chances of your article being on the First page might be slim if you are just getting started. Best way to achieve this, is by targeting your sections very narrow and not broad topics.

=> Works well with a Website with no pages or posts & also Link Shorteners


  • Getting your link in front of existing traffic.


  • Competition is going to be high
  • Not easy to get traffic (rank on first pages)
  • Article Directories are not ranking in Google as they were in the past
  • Not every directory is allowing Affiliate Links as-is and might require a custom domain setup.


Method 6 – Using Forums

Forum marketing has been a favorite & easy way to share your affiliate links for free always. Many of the forums allow you to have Signatures in your profile or as a Visible signatures whenever you reply or engage with any posts. In the years before, these links were also helpful in being able to get a proper authority backlink to your websites. But, in context to our current discussion, you can ignore about backlinks.

If you can just get a simple website or just a domain setup with a simple redirect or use a 3rd party Landing Page programs, you can easily start getting traffic to your aff link. Key thing here is to provide more and relevant value & contribution to the forum to get more clicks to your signature.

Couple of things to remember are, Each forum will have their own specific rules, so you need to abide to them. Breaking their rules may lead to banning your account. You should also need to build proper trust and help others to attract clicks to your account.

=> Works well with Link Shorteners


  • Very Targeted to your niche


  • Unless you provide value, you cannot build trust.
  • This process can be bit slower.


Method 7 – Using Landing Page Programs

One of the best alternatives for people not ready to create a website are Landing Page Programs like ‘Leadpages, Instapage, etc.,’. These programs allow you create a simple pages to collect leads or can act as Bridge pages before sending your visitors to the actual links.

If you use these pages to promote your affiliate products, you can easily build a list with help of any available Autoresponders. You can start promoting this page link in any of the forms mentioned above. These programs can help you quickly test a program, before creating a complete website. You can use Solo Ads, Promote on Social Media, etc.,

All you need to do is, create a basic landing page with decent content and leave the link for your product in the page

=> Better to shorten the links using URL Shorteners if possible.


  • Easy to setup
  • Readymade Landing Page Templates are available.
  • Can be used on any Social networks without having issues.
  • Can easily diversify niche markets unlike the owning a website.


  • Involves paid membership.


Method 8 – Using Domain Forwards

Some of the popular affiliates use this method quite often. While this is a most common practice during Product Launch Jacking, this has been a method in use since quite a long.

All you need to do is, Buy a Domain that is either close to your vendor’s product or a name could be the root keyword of the product that you are promoting. Once you got it, all you need to do is setup Domain Forwarding to the Affiliate link.

Remember that you are not actually creating a complete website here. You are only playing with the Domain. Once you get the domain, you can go the DNS settings or CNAME records or setup an Domain Forwarding services from your Manage Domain settings section.

Some of the traffic networks like Google, Facebook could still find out that the domain has a routing.

=> Use a Custom Domain to look professional.


  • Easiest way and do not need any post/page creation
  • Infact, not need to even install wordpress.


  • Little technical
  • You cannot don any kind of optimizations
  • Need a separate domain per niche.


Method 9 – Using Free Ads Sites

This is an age old method which have been giving results to many people still. You need to be able to write good ad copy and target appropriate segment to get benefits out of this. A few of the best networks include Backpage, USAFreeAds, Craigslist, etc.,. You can pretty much try this on any Ads website which is driving good traffic.

It is always best to use a Custom domain while following this approach. It is also advisable to be cautious and do not look spammy while posting your ads.

If we take Craigslist as an example, all you need to do is, get an email id setup and post an ad either for a FREE service or a Deal of your offer in the relevant section. When the visitor replies back to you about their interest. You can promote your offer to them. Service based CPA offers will work best for this method.

=> Can use the custom domain as-is


  • Easy to setup and earn


  • May Involve follow up over an email if you are not able to leave your link on the traffic network


If you want to take Affiliate Marketing serious, these are not sustainable models. These methods can only help you to take the first step. It is advisable to use an Autoresponder and collect Emails of your visitors so that you can promote new offers latter.


We would like to have this post updated as and when we come across other ways to promote your affiliate links without an actual website. Visit us again for an update 🙂


Are you aware of any other method that can help others to get started with affiliate marketing without a website? Comment below so that others can learn too.


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